Cedar / Padauk with Padauk Rims


Rigid Rim Technology


After thinking about this for years, Rick has finally developed and patented a totally new concept for acoustic guitars. Rigid Rim Technology is about focusing the energy from the strings to the top and back of the guitar without losing energy to the side connection. The laminated rims are very stiff and assist the top and back of the instrument in sound production like the rigid frame in a loud speaker allows the cone to vibrate without energy loss.


And what a sound! Clear, articulated with plenty of volume and presence.


Cedar / Claro Walnut with Cherry Rims

Another advantage of Rigid Rim Technology is the nice rounded edges that can be achieved.

The interface between the musician and the instrument just got a lot friendlier.


A few extra laminations at the lower bout provides a beautiful and comfortable armrest.

Cedar / Myrtle with Peruvian Walnut Rims

(Double-sided Classical)



Italian Alpine Spruce / Kiawe with Peruvian Walnut Rims






Engelmann Spruce / Pomelle  Bubinga with Padauk Rims